Mum Urges Masks After Healthy 25-Year-Old Son Dies Of Coronavirus

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 05 Jan 2021 16:47
Mum Urges Masks After Healthy 25-Year-Old Son Dies Of CoronavirusWATE

The mother of a 25-year-old man who died from COVID is urging people to wear face masks.

Christopher Willett from Tennessee, tragically died from the virus on December 18, and while the 25-year-old had Asperger’s syndrome and ADHD, he was otherwise perfectly healthy.


Following his passing, Christopher’s mother, Diana, is encouraging people to abide by COVID safety rules.

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Before contracting the virus, Christopher worked at a local grocery store; a job his mother said he loved.

Diana also described her son as an ‘avid gamer’ and that ‘he’d rather be in his room on his computer than doing anything else’. She said her late son was a huge animal lover, too.


While working at the grocery store, Christopher had expressed concerns to his mother that customers weren’t wearing masks and asked whether non-mask-wearing customers cared about other people.

Diana said Christopher himself always wore a mask and did his best to protect himself from the virus.

Despite his efforts, the 25-year-old sadly still contracted the virus, testing positive for it on December 7 just a few days after he began showing symptoms. Soon after, Diana also tested positive for COVID.

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Discussing their battle with the virus, Diana said to Fox 13:

We both were here, we were trying to stay away from each other and do the best we can and we were just both real weak. He actually kind of had a milder case, it seemed, than I did. It kind of hit me harder. I was weaker than he was but I’m 60 years old, he’s 25.


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This soon changed, however, after Christopher ended up getting a severe cough that led to him eventually ending up in hospital on December 14. Tragically, he died just a few days later.

Diana strongly believes part of her son’s death was down to people not taking mask-wearing and the pandemic seriously enough.


She said, ‘I just don’t understand people who don’t think it’s real. Who think it’s a joke. How hard is it to put something over your mouth and nose when you go in public?’

Diana continued:

It’s just so easy to put something over your mouth and nose when you go out in public, and it doesn’t hurt you or anybody else, matter of fact it helps.

And as my son used to say, why don’t they care? About yourself, about your neighbour, about your family. I don’t understand, and he never understood.


It just goes to show that the virus can affect anyone of any age, so we should all do our best to protect ourselves and others from it.

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