Mums Are Flashing Their Babies To Record Their Reactions To Normalise Breastfeeding

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 08 May 2020 19:18
Mums Are Flashing Their Babies To Record Their Reactions To Normalise Breastfeeding@alysaaalberts/TikTok

Mums are flashing their babies to record their reactions in TikTok’s latest trend, and the videos are hilarious.

I understand this might sound a bit unusual, but flashing a breastfeeding baby is like a hungover adult spotting the golden arches of McDonald’s.


As well as sharing the videos for entertainment purposes, these mums are sharing them in the hope that they will normalise breastfeeding. Breastfeeding mums all over the world have been taking part in the challenge and shared their videos on TikTok alongside the song Drop ‘Em Out by Wheeler Walker Jr.

Check it out:


The original song used in the videos certainly has some questionable lyrics: ‘Drop ’em out, let me see them titties, gonna take a long look at those tig ‘ol bitties’.


It seems the only thing the song is good for then, is this hilarious TikTok trend.

Mums Are Flashing Their Babies And Recording Their Reactions To Normalise Breastfeeding@taylorgiavasis/TikTok

From behind the camera, these mums apparently expose their breasts to their babies, who then excitedly (and hungrily) make their way over. One mum to take part in the fun was mum-of-two Alyssa Albert, who is currently breast feeding her 11-month-old daughter Harper.

Mums Are Flashing Their Babies And Recording Their Reactions To Normalise Breastfeeding@mommyjax/TikTok

Alyssa spoke to UNILAD about the importance of normalising breastfeeding, saying:

I take any chance I get to normalise breastfeeding on social media. Any breastfeeding trend I see I jump right on it. It is SO important for people to see.

The more you see something the more accustomed you get to it making it normal. Breastfeeding is so important and such a natural human right that has been taken away from mothers when society deemed it not okay to do in public.

Speaking about the responses she’s had, Alyssa added:


I’ve had someone come up to me twice and say something as I was breastfeeding my daughter and both times it happened to be teenagers, which I just think is a lack of education. TikTok is mainly an app used for their generation so displaying the importance and naturalness of breastfeeding is something I will continue to share and hopefully educate younger generations.

It’s great to see mum’s like Alyssa are trying to educate people on the importance of breastfeeding, alongside giving people a well needed giggle.

You can see more of Alyssa’s content, which often features her daughters Hayden and Harper, via her TikTok page here.

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