Murderers’ Families Share The Grisly Early Warning Signs Of Deadly Behaviour

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‘He seemed like a normal guy’ is the cliché line from anyone who knew a murderer, but an AMA on Reddit is flipping that on its head by revealing the creepy things people’s family members did before becoming a murderer.

Redditor daedriKARMAr asked ‘Relatives of murderers, what memories stand out as red flags?’ and the responses are eye-opening and slightly terrifying:


Wow, that’s a messed up childhood memory. Luckily, strawberrypops seems to be maintaining a sense of humour about it:

Fun fact, after he tried killing my mum (a poor enough attempt that she wasn’t actually physically harmed thankfully), a psychiatrist told her she should stay with him because “he won’t cope on his own”. Good 80s advice right there.

Another post managed to unite two people across the internet who were both unknowingly close to the same murderer. Eerie:


A crazy reminder of the devastation that these tragedies cause in families. Thankfully, it seems to have a positive outcome, of sorts.


User rielephant shared a story about a distant relative who showed disturbing tenancies from a young age:


By this point, I’m sure you’re doing the same as me and making a mental list of crazy things to look out for in friends, family and colleagues, in case they turn murderous one day.

Another thing to watch out for is neediness apparently:


Boot-camp implies army training of some kind which means that maybe that murderer had been trained to kill. Yikes.

Although, ForgottenRaven took issue with a slightly unusual part of that story:


Somehow that made butchers sound incredibly creepy. In fact, everything in this Reddit thread is creeping me out – how do so many people know murderers?


Reddit user SimpleLemonDragon had a poignant reminder that there are no rules for predicting who could become a murderer:


Personally, I’m keeping a close eye on everyone around me from now on.