Mystery Man Buys Entire Oxfordshire Village Fish And Chips

by : Emily Brown on : 26 Mar 2020 19:10
Mystery Man Buys Entire Oxfordshire Village Fish And ChipsMystery Man Buys Entire Oxfordshire Village Fish And ChipsThe Fox Inn/Shutterstock

Not all heroes wear capes, but many keep their identities secret. Much like this mysterious man, who has arranged for an entire village to have fish and chips in an effort to bring the community together. 

With people across the world self-isolating to try and tackle the spread of coronavirus, it can be difficult to feel a real connection to the outside world.


The chances of running into a neighbour while taking out the bins are slim, and government shutdowns mean there’s no gathering in pubs to catch up on town gossip.

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So, in an effort to bring everyone together, a kind-hearted resident of Denchworth, Oxfordshire, has arranged for the entire village to receive an order of fish and chips tomorrow, March 27.

He arranged the delivery with pub owner Stephen Davidson, with the hope he could also demonstrate ‘how important pubs are to village life’, BBC News reports.


Denchworth is near the town of Wantage, and has 171 residents – hopefully all of who like fish and chips!

Fish and chipsFish and chipsPixabay

The generous donation won’t stop with the takeaway either, as the unnamed villager plans to continue the kind gesture with many more meals in the coming weeks.

Stephen explained:


He was prepared to fund, once a week, a takeaway for every member of the village.

He said he’d like to do it for a minimum of 12 weeks. Depending how things go he may up it to two a week.

He may carry it on longer than that depending on the need and the take-up on it.

Pub where fish and chips will be made for whole villagePub where fish and chips will be made for whole villageThe Fox Inn

According to the pub owner, the man behind the meals has decided to remain anonymous to avoid being the centre of attention, and instead believes ‘people like him who are fortunate to be in their situation should do something for their communities if at all possible’.

The deliveries are set to be carried out by a small group of volunteers, who will take the meals to residents’ houses while wearing disposable gloves and masks.


Davidson and his wife will cook the meals in the kitchen of their pub, The Fox Inn, ensuring they adhere to strict hygiene standards.

Fish and ChipsFish and ChipsPixabay

While it’s only fish and chips on the menu for now, Davidson said the pub might vary the meals in the future to include curries and roast dinners, hopefully ensuring there’s something for everyone.

The kind man behind the deliveries hopes those who are able to offer some generosity will follow his lead and do so in these uncertain times.


Hopefully the villagers will enjoy their meals and make their appreciation for the lovely gesture known.

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