Mystery Of Why Chinese Tourists Flock To Quiet English Village Solved



Over the years the United Kingdom has established itself as a must-see destination for people across the globe. 

Tourists usually flock to the capital to take in the famous landmarks, check out the royal family at Buckingham Palace and discover our nation’s rich history.

But over the last few months tourists have been descending to a much less likely destination in England and it’s confused the hell out of everyone- until now that is.


Sightseers were stopping off in the quaint, rather unremarkable village of Kidlington in Oxfordshire and taking selfies in front of gardens and parked cars.

No-one could get their head around it, it just made absolutely no sense. But now a tour guide has shed light on the subject and revealed that it’s simply to get a ‘true sense’ of the UK. How lovely.

In a survey the unnamed guide found that the visitors were a big fan of our ‘houses and gardens’ and simply visited because ‘we don’t have [these] in China. Here, we are looking for the true sense of this country.’


But wait, there’s more. A man who has lived in the village for over two decades called Baz Daniels told the BBC that a friend in China has another reason for it becoming a hot-spot.

He said:

Kidlington is apparently being marketed by Chinese tourist agencies as a beautiful English village on the way to Bicester Village shopping centre. Many of the visitors live in cities and love to see things like the hanging baskets and little flowers in people’s gardens.


So, there you have it. After all that they could have probably just saved a few grand and watched Hot Fuzz if they wanted an accurate example of a quintessential English village (minus all the killing of course).