Mystery Of Why More People Die On Jan 1st Than Any Other Day Of The Year


New Year’s Day is normally a time when people recover from hangovers and relax but apparently there’s a real morbid side to the holiday…

Strangely, despite masses of people getting drunk and stupid the night before, it is actually January 1st that is the most dangerous day of the year.

That’s a pretty scary thought and quite shocking the bank holiday we know and love is actually the riskiest day of our lives, according to the Daily Mail anyway.

A study by the University of California, bizarrely found that deaths spiked around Christmas and New Year.

Stranger still, the research showed that despite alcohol flowing in copious amounts throughout the festive season, you’re more likely to die of natural causes on the first day of the New Year.

To obtain their results, had to conduct a rather depressing survey which included looking at death certificates from the past 25 years.

The investigators then made the strange discovery that more people die on New Years Day of natural causes than on any other day in the year.

Even more mysteriously though, the reasons as to why this may be the case have never been explained and continue to baffle scientists.

One of the researchers, David Phillips said:

This pattern turns up in every natural cause of death, but not for external causes like auto accidents.
It’s hard to understand why that would be.

It’s not only a mystery, but a mystery that people haven’t even tried to engage with.

Well that’s strange, but if you’re reading this then I guess you’re ok?

Probably be best if you do feel a bit funny to pop down to the hospital though, don’t take any chances…