Mythical Worm Beast Spotted Swimming In Lake

by : UNILAD on : 06 Jul 2016 12:51

Online footage has re-surfaced of a mythical monster swimming in Iceland’s famous Lagarfljót lake.


The Lagarfljót worm – whose legend dates back to the 14th century – is believed to be a sign or warning that a disaster is imminent.

This comes just days after scientists warned that Iceland’s Hekla Volcano could erupt at any moment.

The clip was reportedly filmed in 2012 by local Hjörtur Kjerúlf, before going viral and doing the rounds again this week once the AllThings Creepy YouTube channel picked it up, the Daily Star reports.


Legend has it that the monster was thrown into a lake in its infancy by a young girl who was looking after the creature, but was terrified by how quickly it grew.

It’s believed that some brave people tried to kill the monster, but they only managed to anchor the beast to the bottom of the lake, where it supposedly remains.


Several sightings have been reported in the last century, but this short clip could be the most important.

When it was first broadcast four years by Icelandic TV station RÚV, many claimed it was just netting or debris being dragged through the water.

But a 13-strong panel of experts ruled that the footage was genuine in 2014, although many believe they were swayed by the possibility of drumming up more tourism.

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I doubt it will – if anything, it makes me want to stay the fuck away from Iceland.

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