NASA Accused Of Huge Cover Up After Hiding Signs Of ‘Alien Life’


Tinfoil hats at the ready, NASA have been accused of a cover-up after revealing it had known of potential signs of life on Europa for two years.

Yesterday, NASA revealed to the world that scientists have discovered ‘plumes of water’ erupting from one of Jupiter’s moons which they believe is a ‘good candidate’ for life, reports the Daily Star.

Tens of thousands of people tuned in to watch the live announcement, but when it was revealed NASA had in fact made the discovery over two years ago, suspicions were aroused.

NASA claims they kept the data out of the public domain as they waited for more sophisticated analysis of the images from the Hubble Telescope in order to provide more details about the discovery – which sounds fair enough.

They also announced they will not be landing a spacecraft on Europa for fears that it would contaminate the planet.

Predictably, a number of ‘theorists’ have claimed this is just further proof that alien life is already present on the icy world.


Also adding petrol to the raging fire of people’s extra terrestrial fantasies is the fact that the Juno spacecraft – currently observing Jupiter and its moons – is programmed to self-destruct at the end of its mission, conveniently destroying all evidence of little green men who may or may not be residing there.

Again, NASA say it’s to prevent the probe from contaminating either Jupiter or Europa if it were to crash land but we all know the real reason, don’t we…