Navy Veteran Gets Dying Wish Of One Final Fishing Trip

by : UNILAD on : 10 Oct 2016 12:35
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This is the beautiful moment a dying Vietnam war veteran was taken fishing as his last dying wish. 


Devastating colon cancer had all but destroyed Navy-vet Connie Willhite’s body but just days before he passed he asked workers at his hospice for two favours before he died, reports CNN.

The first was relatively easy to complete. He wished to be baptised so that he could pass into the next life in accordance with his religious beliefs.


However his second wish was a lot harder for the hospice workers to do.


Connie had been a great and powerful fisherman in his day and destined to go one final time – however due to his violent cancer, Connie was bed ridden and crippled by weakness.

But this didn’t stop his hospice workers.

Connie’s cousin headed out to buy some fishing tackle and a social worker at the hospice, Greg Senters, got hold of a motorized hospital bed and organised a fishing trip to Lake Leisure.


Connie was warned that he might not catch anything, but he said he didn’t care. ‘Fishing is not catching’, he told Senters.

But Connie did catch – four bream to be precise and he was over the moon.

Senters later said:

A dying person can teach you a lot about living. Sometimes we get so caught up in the day to day we forget about what’s important.


Three days after their fishing trip, Connie died peacefully in his bed at the hospice.

Rest in peace Connie.

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