Nearly Half Of Women Find Baldness Sexy

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Nearly Half Of Women Find Baldness Sexy, Survey ShowsPA Images

Bald men, put that toupée away, because a study has shown nearly half of women find baldness sexy.

Baldness is expected to affect two-thirds of all men, but this doesn’t mean your dating game has to suffer – I mean, have you seen Dwayne Johnson?


In a survey conducted by Superdrug Online Doctor, 42% of women who took part said baldness was ‘sexy’, while men closely agreed with their female counterparts, with 41% of them also finding baldness.

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The survey included both UK- and US-based respondents and found that our friends across the pond were much more accepting of hair loss, with 58% of respondents voting ‘Yes’ to baldness being sexy, while only 28% of Brits agreed. These people know Jason Statham is British and bald, right?

While 36% and 32% of British and US respondents respectively described looks as being ‘very’ important, people found other characteristics were much more important – those things being personality, sexual chemistry, health, and location.


In the top 10 list of important dating factors, looks came fifth followed by education, physical fitness, political views/affiliation, profession, and income.

Meanwhile, if you’re bald and with a dad bod, then you’re really in luck, as another recent survey found that a softer midriff was preferred by 75% of respondents – so fear not if you’re more Douglas Powers than Vin Diesel.

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Prince William was recently named as the World’s Sexiest Bald Man after research showed the 38-year-old royal had been described as ‘sexy’ 17.6 million times online in various blogs, reports and pages found in Google searches.


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A lot of people had something to say on the matter, however, with Stanley Tucci, Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson fans calling for justice. Johnson himself even weighed in on the matter writing, ‘How in the cinnamon toast f*ck does this happen – when Larry David clearly has a pulse?!?!’

Time to embrace the bald, gentlemen.

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