Neighbourhood Surprises Healthcare Worker With Parking Space In Front Of House

by : Emily Brown on : 31 Mar 2020 13:25
Neighbourhood Surprises Healthcare Worker With Parking Space In Front Of HouseNeighbourhood Surprises Healthcare Worker With Parking Space In Front Of HouseLee Abu Eoghan/Facebook

Kind-hearted residents from a neighbourhood in Wigan surprised a healthcare worker by making her a designated parking space in front of her house. 

NHS staff are currently working tirelessly to help tackle the coronavirus outbreak, and after being rushed off their feet at work the last thing healthcare workers ought to be doing is driving around on the hunt for a parking space.

In an effort to make one staff member’s day a little bit easier, residents of Golborne, Wigan, marked out a parking space on the road in front of her house to make sure she was always able to find a spot after work.

Medics at work in Italian hospitalMedics at work in Italian hospitalPA Images

The space appeared to have been drawn with white paint and was marked with ‘NHS’ to inform other drivers of its purpose, in turn hopefully preventing them from taking the spot.

A sign placed by the marked space read:

Space Reserved

Polite notice. Please respect the sign and give our NHS worker a chance.

Thanks, the neighbours.

Residents create reserved car parking space for NHS workerResidents create reserved car parking space for NHS workerLee Abu Eoghan‎/Facebook

The NHS worker who inspired the spot has not been named, but her husband Lee Abu Eoghan expressed gratitude to his neighbours on the local Golborne & Lowton Facebook group, explaining that ‘like all busy streets, [his wife] normally ends up parking away from the house as there’s no space near it when she comes home from her shifts.’

He shared pictures of the makeshift reserved sign and parking space, adding:

After my wife went to work at the hospital this morning, I opened the curtains and saw this on the road. She hasn’t seen it yet.

No one has a right to park in front of their own house, but what absolutely gorgeous caring neighbours who have done this for her.

Such a caring touch.


Lee’s Facebook post received a lot of attention, with social media users praising his kind neighbours for the gesture.

One member of the public joked that Lee’s wife better be able to parallel park, to which the husband quipped ‘not always!’, though we can definitely cut her some slack considering she’s chosen to dedicate her life to helping others.

The gesture is truly incredible, and one that could easily be mimicked by other members of the public as a simple show of appreciation for healthcare workers.


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Lee Abu Eoghan‎/Facebook
  1. Lee Abu Eoghan‎/Facebook