Neil Buchanan Is A Rock Star Now And Looks Completely Different


It’s difficult to imagine Art Attack’s Neil Buchanan in anything other than a red sweatshirt making portraits on the floor made from sand or sculptures made from rubbish or any other pioneering upcycling pieces that deserve places in galleries nationwide.

But it turns out the 90s kids’ TV icon also shreds guitar in a band and has rejoined after a 30 year hiatus that included his classic stopover in children’s television.

He’s grown his hair long and is practically unrecognisable in his leather jacket clutching a guitar.

Colin Wood/Youtube

The heavy metal band is called Marseille and was first formed in Liverpool in 1976.

It was the first band to win the UK Battle of the Bands competition in Wembley Area in 1977, judged by Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen.

Their debut album Red, White and Slightly Blue was released on the Mountain Records label in 1978.

Original members of Marseille were Paul Dale (vocals), Neil Buchanan (lead guitar), Andy Charters (rhythm guitar), Keith Knowles (drums) and Steve Dinwoodie (bass).

And that’s not the only thing that’s blowing our minds about our favourite after school art show. Shockingly there was an incredibly obvious adult joke carved into The Head from Art Attack.

In fact, come to think of it I think that’s where Neil might have got his new haircut inspiration from.

Anyway, the word ‘sex’ was moulded into his clay locks, and it was outrageously blatant.

One of the backstage assistants on the art show was having a great time and no one noticed for a long time.

One keen Art Attack fan wrote on Twitter:

Wait wait wait so they actually did carve ‘sex’ into The Head from Art Attack’s haircut?

So yeah, apologies if your 90s memory of Art Attack has been ruined. Both by Neil’s new image and the hidden words in The Head’s hair.

It’s crazy what some hairspray can do.