Netflix And Chill Could Be The Key To A Great Relationship


Netflix and Chill is a key component to a successful relationship, apparently.

The online streaming service has released the results of a survey which reports that sitting down to watch your favourite shows with a partner can develop the bond you share. Shock horror.

The survey polled 1,008 Americans aged between 18 and 39, asking questions about who they found attractive in relation to their Netflix habits.

As reported by The Independent, 25 per cent of people will find someone more attractive based on their taste in viewing, while 27 per cent said enjoying the same shows was important to a relationship.


The survey also indicated that 13 per cent of people would ask someone out based on a similar taste in films alone, and a whopping 58 per cent of those asked owned up to adding movies and series to the interest section of their online profiles to attract potential partners.

One area of debate was when it becomes appropriate to share your login details with another person.

51 per cent of people said sharing your password indicated a ‘serious relationship’, meanwhile 17 per cent wouldn’t dream of being so reckless until they were at least engaged.

The Independent claim that a Netflix spokesperson has argued the results are accurate to within plus/minus 3.5 percentage points. Whatever that means.

So next time you sit down in front of the laptop or TV, pay more attention to the ‘Netflix’ than the prospective ‘Chill’ and you may find your soulmate.