Netflix Release Footage Of Gillian Anderson’s Instructional Video From Sex Education

Sex Education hidden scene with Gillian AndersonNetflix UK & Ireland/Twitter

There aren’t many places you can get an A* grade Sex Education these days but Netflix has just risen to the top of the class yet again.

The streaming service responsible for the phenomenon of Netflix and chill did us all a favour when they released Sex Education in January.

The show takes a deep dive into the ins and outs – ahem – of Sex 101, as told through the eyes of a young man called Otis Milburn (Asa Butterfield), who lives at home with his mum, Jean Milburn (Gillian Anderson), an esteemed sex therapist and author.

It’s bloody brilliant. Here’s the trailer:

In the first season, the cast of misfits experience the trials and tribulations of dipping their toes into sexual intercourse – some with more past experience than others – nestled into their sleepy Nowheresville Town.

I’ll try and avoid spoilers but if you haven’t seen it yet – despite its ‘fresh’ rating on Rotten Tomatoes – you really only have yourself to blame because it’s the best thing on telly (if deleted by my sub editor still true).

In the first episode, Otis suffers a rather embarrassing school mishap when one of his classmates discovers his mum’s profession – and releases a sex ed tape she made in the eighties to demonstrate how to efficiently bring your male partner to orgasm using only your hands (and a root vegetable, apparently) to the whole school.

The scene in the episode mainly focussed on Otis’ justifiably mortified expression and how he proceeded to handle the situation with grace and maturity by setting up his own sex therapy clinic.

But now, lucky viewers have the pleasure of seeing the full behind-the-scenes clip which spurred on Otis’ new moonlighting advice service.

Netflix released the teaser of sorts on Twitter, and you can watch it below:

Amazingly, Anderson keeps a straight face during filming when her character says:

Your partner’s groans and whimpers are the roadmap to his pleasure. As your partner gets stimulated, you can speed up. Grasp the root of the penis firmly in your left hand. You’ll feel him throbbing.

Anderson then spurs the viewer on, giving them some positive affirmation before telling them to give themselves a ‘pat on the back’.

The clip ends with Anderson reaching for another root veg, declaring: “Now, the tomato.” Anderson retweeted the video herself, writing we ‘should have seen what [she] did with the tomato’.

Fingers crossed we’ll get the chance, as the series has just been confirmed for a second season.

While the show is mostly fun and games – much like Anderson’s Twitter feed – Laurie Nunn, the writer, told UNILAD she’s glad to be debunking some sex myths for the viewing public at home.

So far, Otis has helped his peers tackled their own issues of body image, masturbation, foreplay, porn, ‘wankathons’, as well as consent and image-based sexual assault.

Nunn told UNILAD:

I think one of the most complicated elements of sex is talking honestly about it. It can be awkward at any age, which is why encouraging more open dialogue on the subject helps break down damaging stigma.

The heart of a lot of young adult content is self-discovery and acceptance and I hope [the show] adds to the conversation.

And if you’re lucky enough to not have any sexual hang ups to chew over, maybe you can just talk about Maeve, Otis, Adam, Eric, Jean and the gang at the water-cooler come Monday.

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