Never Hand Over Your Card When Paying Contactless, Here’s Why


Just in case you needed another thing to worry about in your life, here you go.

Apparently you should never hand over your bank card when paying by contactless as it could put you at risk of fraud.

Although restaurant, shop and pub staff might occasionally ask you to physically hand it over, it’s best to make the transaction yourself, The Telegraph reports.


According to the UK Cards Association’s best practice guidelines, a bank card ‘should always stay in the customer’s hand’.

This isn’t a very well known rule though, and people are regularly putting themselves at risk of fraud say experts, who’ve called on government to make it a compulsory rule.

They advise customers to refuse to pay for goods if they’re asked to hand over the card.


Andrew Goodwill, from the Goodwill group, told The Telegraph:

Customers are being made vulnerable to having their card skimmed (fraudulently copied) if they hand their card over, so they should refuse when asked to do this.

Contactless payments in the UK have risen from £2.32 billion in 2014 to £7.75 billion last year, with the ease of it as a payment method helping its surge in popularity.