New Orleans Dad Pretends To Get Vaccinated So His Daughter Is Less Scared Of Needles

by : Cameron Frew on : 23 Jul 2020 16:58
New Orleans Dad Pretends To Get Vaccinated So His Daughter Is Less Scared Of Needlesu/natsdorf/Reddit

Many struggle with a fear of needles. However, one New Orleans dad’s efforts to make his daughter feel at ease while being vaccinated prove they ‘ain’t nothing’. 

I have vivid memories of my first encounters with needles. Unless you’re a hard-as-nails child, who wouldn’t be scared of them? They’re sinister, sharp and they sting.


Nevertheless, as you grow up, you inevitably realise how important it is to get past that anxiety, particularly when it comes to getting vaccinated. In a video from July last year, a young girl is wary of the needle, so her father leaps into action.

Check out the heartwarming video below: 

Courtney Smith had taken his four-year-old daughter Codi J to the Daughters of Charity Center in New Orleans, Louisiana, to get vaccinated. In the morning leading up to the trip, she was rather nervous about getting the two shots, so her dad thought of the ideal way to make her more relaxed.


Sitting her on his lap, the attending nurse wipes Courtney’s arm first. ‘This ain’t nothing,’ he assures his daughter, as he pretends to receive the injection and the nurse happily plays along. He lets out a high-pitched ‘ooh’, which clearly puts Codi J at ease.

In the video, originally posted to Reddit by u/natsdorf, the nurse then tells the young girl: ‘One in for dad, ready? Your turn, ready?’ Like her dad, she lets out the same noise, before he says: ‘Man that thing hurt a little bit, huh?’

They repeat the process for the second injection, without a single hiccup. Then, to go another step further in helping his daughter, Courtney actually has his blood taken before Codi J. At the end of the clip they flex their muscles, having conquered the vaccinations.

Father Daughter Vaccineu/natsdorf/Reddit

After the clip emerged online, hundreds praised the dad, with one user writing: ‘It’s little stuff like this that remind me that most people are generally good, caring. The internet and mass media are always telling me otherwise.’

Another user commented: ‘By doing this he is demonstrating to his daughter that it is important to sometimes do scary/painful/difficult things and that he and her were in it together. Not only effective in the short term, but a hella teaching strategy that has a great long-term lesson. He dadded the shit out of vaccine day in this video!’

A third wrote: ‘This is such a great way to approach vaccinations (or any other similar thing): they acknowledge that it hurts a bit, don’t try to hide the discomfort but don’t overplay it either, and support the girl in believing she can handle it.’

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    Dad gets (pretend) vaccinated so daughter will be less scared getting her shots.