Nikon Awards First Prize To Badly Photoshopped Photo, Internet Reacts Brilliantly


It’s fair to say the guys at Nikon have fucked up a fair bit…

The camera company was left red-faced after they announced the winner of a photography competition, only to realise that the picture was a complete and utter fake. Guys, you only had one job!

Their Singapore office revealed that the amateur photographer Chay Yu Wei claimed the prestigious prize for what seems to be an impressive shot.


The camera company’s Singapore office revealed that amateur snapper Chay Yu Wei had claimed the coveted prize of a trolley bag for his impressive shot.

The lad claimed that he had manage to capture a perfect moment of a low-flying plane over Singapore, taken by chance as he was a climbing a ladder.

Shaun Ho/Facebook

But actual photographers quite quickly realised that one thing was wrong with the picture- it was obviously Photoshopped. Awkward.

A faint white box can be seen around the plane, which suggests it was put in post shot and Nikon fans called the camera experts out for awarding the prize to a fake.

The picture has since gone viral, with other photographers trying their hand at manipulating the picture:

Naoki Tsukumo
Alex Hauck/Facebook
Glenn Guan/Facebook
Render Brant/Facebook

Nikon seemed to take the joke reasonably well, but they might want to check over their entries a bit better in the future.