No One Can Believe How Old This Ripped Guy Is


A super buff male model from Singapore is defying time and shocking his Instagram followers by looking half his age.

With the body of a Calvin Klein model and the face of twenty-something hipster, it is no wonder that ChuanDo Tan’s fans are swooning.

However, what is even more impressive is that ChuanDo has just turned 50-years-old!

#GoodEvening ! #So #HowWasYourDay ? ? Yap just woke up ?, yes phone out of juice #asyoucansee ??? – 20th MAR 18:53

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ChuanDo’s 222,000 Instagram followers are going wild for his youthful good looks, with some fans even wondering whether there are supernatural qualities to his hotness…

Could ChuanDo be a Vampire?!

Guess what ! There's no better reason than to be in a Birthday suit today ? ???? #celebratinglife – 3rd MAR 20:00

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However, ChuanDo, or CD to his mates, is much more than his beauty. He is also a talented and creative photographer who has a glamorous career taking pics of celebrities for magazine covers. He even shot the cover for the Janet Jackson album Discipline.

Artistic and handsome, ChuanDo is clearly loving life and has worked hard to get his eye popping physique.

Now if we could just find out where he is getting his eternal life elixir from, that would be great…