Noel Fielding Has Chopped Off His Long Hair And Looks Completely Different


Comedian and Great British Bake Off presenter Noel Fielding has had a new hair cut, transforming himself into ‘Elvis Presley 2.0’.

The raven-haired Mighty Boosh actor has sported a mullet cut for many years now, so this sudden image change has left people with a whole mix of feelings.

Noel also tweeted a photo of his new hair along with an Elvis reference: ‘Uh Huh’:

Most people took to the new hair well – and it’s not like people on Twitter to be dramatic or anything – but some even said it was the ‘biggest development of 2018’.

One Tweeter by the name of Soph wrote:

Noel Fielding has transformed into Elvis Presley 2.0.

While another, Dillon, added:

My icon, has cut his hair and I feel it’s the universe telling me I need to stop thinking about it and just change my hair like I want to.

Noel’s new look comes after some wonderful news for him and his long-term girlfriend, Radio X presenter, Lliana Bird.

Lliana announced she was expecting their first child… and it’s due very soon!



In an Instagram post, Lliana was pictured keeping fit during pregnancy by boxing – and wrote:

Thank you @hollyactive for keeping (well, getting) me fit and active! Grown to absolutely love boxing this past year and Holly has been the driving force behind that.

I’m literally one of the naturally laziest people i know, but even I’ve been loving the boxing once or twice a week and if i can do it, you defo can!!! x x x #preggoboxing #badassbumps. [sic]

Her personal trainer left a comment under the post saying:

Nearly 8 months pregnant and you are still smashing it, literally!

Great news all round!