Norfolk Man Surprises Girlfriend With ‘Marry Me’ Checkbox Tattoo

by : Cameron Frew on : 18 Sep 2020 13:45
Guy Surprises Girlfriend With 'Marry Me' Checkbox TattooSWNS

A brave Norfolk man proposed to his girlfriend with a ‘Will you marry me?’ tattoo, complete with ‘Yes/No’ boxes to tick. 

Bruno Neves, 33, popped the question to girlfriend Patricia Calado, 34, last week, with the help of his favourite tattoo artist Arron Adams.


The romantic delivery driver, from Great Yarmouth, asked his fiancée-to-be to come with him to A Sailor’s Grave Tattoo Studio in the seaside town. As he already had 20 tattoos, he just told her he was getting some cover-up.

You can check out the proposal in the video below:


As mum-of-two Patricia waited for 45 minutes, little did she know that Bruno was getting a proposal tattooed across his chest. Not to say he wasn’t nervous, but he went the extra mile with ‘Yes/No’ tickboxes underneath.


Patricia, a hotel cleaner, said:

It was a complete surprise. I had no idea what he was having done that day. He has some tattoos on his body that he wants to get covered up, and sometimes I will go along with him and wait, so I thought it was all quite normal.

I was quite confused when he came out and revealed the tattoo to me. It took me a moment to realise what it was.

Tattoo ProposalSWNS

Soon after reading the question, Patricia grabbed a pen and put a cross through the ‘Yes’ box, which was then also tattooed on his chest. ‘Then I just laughed and told him, ‘You’re crazy’. But of course I ticked yes. I’m very happy,’ she said.


While obviously delighted with the outcome, she added that it was ‘very strange’ due to the current pandemic. ‘I didn’t know how to react. We both had our masks on, so we didn’t kiss each other, just out of respect for the other people there,’ she explained.

Tattoo ProposalSWNS

Bruno said: 

It was like a dream come true. If it hadn’t been for COVID-19, I would have done it sooner. I had been planning the tattoo for around five or six months. We have been together for a year and a half – but I am absolutely certain about Patricia.

We have spent every day together for the past two years, and we have seen how our families connect together, so I had no fear about proposing to her. I would not have done it if I had not been absolutely sure – a tattoo is something you really have to think about.


Bruno has always been quite the romantic, having surprised her every month on the 11th with a nice dinner or a trip to mark the anniversary of each month they’ve been together.

Tattooist Arron Adams explained that he’d never done a tattoo proposal before. However, he’s ‘always up for a challenge’, and in the end, ‘it was really nice for me to be a part of that special moment for someone. It made me feel really good – like a little Cupid.’

Tattoo Proposal SWNS

He added: 


I was a bit nervous myself – as tattoo artists, we advise people against having names tattooed on them or anything like that, because obviously it is permanent. But Bruno told me he wanted to do something a bit crazy – and I thought, yeah, let’s go for it.

It’s lucky she said yes – because I said to Bruno that even if she had said no, I would have tattooed that on him, too. He was really chuffed. I could see as he was walking out to reveal the tattoo that he was extremely nervous. She was really shocked and surprised when she saw it. It was a lovely moment.

The couple hope to tie the knot in August next year, with plans in motion to get a date locked in. If you’d like to see more of Arron’s work, check out his Instagram page at @kongkrishnatattoo.

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