Nuclear Bunker Turned Into R2-D2 By Mystery Street Artist


A mysterious street artist has turned a nuclear bunker from the Cold War era to look like a giant-sized rendition of Star War’s R2-D2.

Discovered earlier this week by Prague TV, the redesigned nuclear fallout shelter was found in Folimanka Park, Prague, in the Czech capital.

Despite the newly revitalised franchise focusing all its marketing on new droid on the block BB-8, this is proof no other droid is more iconic than the OG astromech droid.

I mean where’s the big artwork dedicated to BB-8? Exactly.

Here’s the bunker:

Posted by Prague TV on Monday, 23 October 2017

Prague TV has suggested the art piece may have been a joint effort by a community of artists/Star Wars aficionados who transformed the bunker into R2-D2, which can be found in an obscure overgrown path mostly used by dog walkers.

The piece also uses two large concrete slabs on each side of the bunker for R2’s legs, while smaller concrete reliefs were added for additional detail.

According to Prague TV the art piece has been in place for a while before the media caught wind of it on October 20.

And here’s R2:

Posted by Prague TV on Monday, 23 October 2017

So far the artist(s) hasn’t come forward to claim the work and the city of Prague has not commented on whether they will let the bunker stay in its artistic state.

Prague is no stranger to the wonderful and vibrant world of street art, it is home to the world famous Pink Tank by David Černý. Created 1991 in features a Soviet-era tank painted pink with a huge middle finger on top. Originally the tank was put in a public square as a monument to Russian-Soviet Army who liberated the city at the end of World War II.

Here it is on display in a lake:

ŠJů / Wikimedia Commons

R2-D2 is of course the iconic droid from the original trilogy, and along with his animatronic ‘companion’ C3-PO, are the only characters to feature in every Star Wars film, so far.

R2 will of course be back on the big screen this Christmas for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, with cinemas in UK set to start showing on December 15.

If you haven’t seen the trailer, you probably; a) don’t like Star Wars and therefore lack a soul or b) have been living under a rock.

If Your Answer Is The Latter You Can Watch The Latest Trailer Below:

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