Nudists Appear On This Morning To Talk About Life In The Nude

by : Emily Brown on : 13 Mar 2020 14:51
Nudists Appear On This Morning To Talk About Life In The NudeThis Morning/ITV

ITV’s This Morning was likened to the bare-all show Naked Attraction when two naturists appeared on its sofa to talk about life in the nude. 

Pam Fraser and Mark Bass appeared on the chat show today, March 13, to discuss their lifestyle choices and spread awareness for their campaign against abuse towards naturists.


Though nudity on UK television is typically reserved for after the 9pm watershed, the two nudists spoke to hosts Rochelle Humes and Eamonn Holmes while completely naked, with well-placed hands, hair and crossed legs covering their genitals.

Naturists on This MorningThis Morning/ITV

The pair believe abuse towards naturists should be considered a hate crime, explaining the importance of ‘just being accepted for who you are’.

When discussing why he decided to become a naturist, Mark, president of national naturist organisation British Naturism, said:


I think it’s about seeking that acceptance… we’ve got a lot of people that are feeling intimidated by society because of how they look.

If you go to a naturist event you’ll encounter people that might be wearing a colostomy bag, or have got major surgical scars, or who have had mastectomies, and these are areas of society where, we kind of marginalise people because they don’t match a perfect body type, and so actually just being accepted for who you are becomes really important.

The naturists argued their lifestyle is a ‘philosophical belief’, and said rudeness and negativity aimed towards them should be treated in the same manner as other hate crimes.

Eamonn went on to ask whether Mark and Pam ever feel vulnerable when people are ‘looking where they shouldn’t’, but Pam pointed out everyone is in the same boat at naturist events, which helps to eradicate the feeling of being looked at or judged.


She explained:

I’ll be honest, it’s not that sort of environment… A lot of people, when they’re first attempting to come to an event and try out naturism, they look at everybody’s eyes or above their heads, and it lasts for maybe about five minutes but then kind of comes back from that.

Respect is really high… I personally could go to a [nudist] event with 500 people, and I get treated with better respect than I do if I went on a night out in Preston, where I live.

Unfortunately, many This Morning viewers failed to take on board Pam and Mark’s views about abuse towards naturists, with some taking to Twitter to claim the pair were ’embarrassing themselves’, ‘weird’ and ‘craving attention’.

Man argues naturism isn't pornThis Morning/Twitter

One social media user, who identified himself as a naturist, argued back, claiming the issue is that ‘people don’t know the difference’ between naturism and the sexual connotations of being naked. He added ‘naturism isn’t porn’.


Hopefully Pam and Mark’s continued campaign will work to change the opinions of those who criticise their lifestyle.

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