Obama Tweets Birthday Message To Best Mate Joe Biden

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The bromance between Barack Obama and Joe Biden is clear for all the world to see and the former president has not let us down with a birthday tweet to his beloved pal. 

Showing that the love has not died down after Trump’s election, according to MashableObama took to Twitter to show his mate some love on his 74th birthday.

N’aww tissues at the ready, as Barack celebrates eight years of solid friendship with his Vice President.

Touching isn’t it? A real example of true love surviving through tough times.


Obama’s brother-from-another-mother, has shown loyality and faith to the popular ex-President throughout his time at the White House, always by his side and always showing his support.
This adorable display of affection comes after Joe brilliantly tweeted a picture of friendship bracelets for Barack’s 55th.

These guys are too much.
Sadly for the loved-up duo, their time together is nearly at an end as Obama will be passing over the reigns to Donald Trump early next year.
Let’s hope for these guys sakes, their love continues.