Oklahoma Man Wraps His $240,000 Lamborghini In Trump Tribute Stickers

by : Emily Brown on : 02 Mar 2020 17:09


A dedicated American decided to cover his entire $240,000 Lamborghini with stickers in honour of President Donald Trump. 

Because why stop at a bumper sticker?


Steve Currington, who goes by Lambro Steve on Instagram, decided to pimp his ride in February, presumably not caring that the wrap hid much of the expensive, flashy car beneath.

The Trump enthusiast made the car look ‘over the top’ in an attempt to get a reaction out of people, and he has since driven the sticker-clad vehicle all around his home state of Oklahoma, ABC 7 News reports.

The Lamborghini’s roof is plastered with an image of the president’s eyes and forehead, while the bonnet shows Trump standing in front of an American flag and holding a gun. Across the windscreen reads the words ‘total acquittal’, presumably referring to the result of Trump’s recent impeachment trial.


Explaining the thought process behind the wrap, Currington said:

His head is on the roof because I wanted people as I come up behind you to be able to see that Trump is watching you. The president is watching you.

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Currington really went all out, and decorated the sides of the car with a photo of Trump giving a thumbs up alongside the phrase ‘2020 Trump’.


The back window was not forgotten, as the Lamborghini driver added stickers which read:

Powered by: coal, big oil and the tears of liberals.

As if that wasn’t enough, Currington also included some arrows pointing to the petrol tank, with stickers reading ‘liberal tears’.


Understandably, the driver has received mixed reactions to his excessively decorated car, as he explained:

We have people wanting to take pictures with it, families, grandma, grandparents, kids just wanting to get a picture with the president on the side of the car.

Some guy drove past me and gave me the bird. People that are not Trump fans are adamant and mean.

With the number of Trump-related stickers covering his car, it would be safe to assume Currington is a pretty hardcore Republican. However, he has admitted he’d be open to covering his car with a wrap in honour of Democrat Bernie Sanders should Trump lose the 2020 election.


When asked what would happen if Trump is unsuccessful, Currington responded:

He’s not going to lose, but if he loses it is what it is. I’d probably wrap it for Bernie to get the other side.

For now, though, the Lamborghini owner plans to showcase his handiwork across the country, with the ultimate goal of having Trump himself set eyes on it.

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