One Third Of Brits Get Joke Gifts For Secret Santa


Designer bags, belly button warmers and inflatable walking frames are just some of the more unusual gifts you can get for Secret Santa.

New research has revealed a third of Brits decide to go for funny gifts for their colleagues at Christmas time, including the likes of nude calendars and mankinis to humour their workmates.

It doesn’t always go so swimmingly, though, with one in eight surveyed admitting they had missed the mark with their Christmas gift.

Nine in ten of those polled said they would definitely see the funny side if their gift was risqué, but it isn’t always the case.


One person surveyed admitted to giving a bottle of wine to a colleague who doesn’t drink at all, while another said they gave a ski jacket to someone who lived in Egypt – where it snows once every 100 years.

Commenting on the results, a spokesperson for pre-poo toilet spray V.I.Poo said:

Secret Santa is meant to be a bit of fun and should be treated as such.

After a long year, it’s a great way to bond with co-workers, whether you are firm friends with them already and are buying them a gift that references a long running joke, or they are a more distant colleague.

The research highlights that funny or novelty gifts are a sure-fire way to have a successful Secret Santa.

The poll was conducted with 1,500 working adults, and revealed that while one third of Brits think funny gifts are a great idea, 53 per cent also said it was important to buy something thoughtful.

One in five of the Brits said they always opt for a present which refers to a private joke between themselves and their recipient of present.

A further study was carried out by V.I.Poo earlier this year, and revealed one in three people find it embarrassing to do a number two at work, with one in five avoiding pooing in the office at all.

With parties on the horizon, a gift which saves the colleague from the fear of dropping a yule log with a creative fragrant solution is a no brainer.


V.I.Poo’s spokesperson continued:

V.I.Poo is a nifty pre-poo toilet spray which makes sure any particularly pongy reindeer droppings are kept secret.

What better tongue-in-cheek stocking filler for friends, family and colleagues alike? It really is a gift that benefits everyone!

Anything in the name of team bonding…