Online Coven Hopes To Help Afghan Victims With Donations And Spellwork

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 25 Aug 2021 18:07
Online Witch Coven Hopes To Help Afghan Victims With Donations And SpellworkPA Images

Self-proclaimed witches are attempting to improve the situation in Afghanistan using magick.

The digital coven, made up of fewer than 50 people, has been set up on instant messaging and digital distribution platform Discord, where people are trying to help those in need through donations – as well as magick.


The term magick was coined by Aleister Crowley to differentiate the craft of magicians and illusionists who performed on stage, and the actual spiritual practice.

Magick book (PA)PA

One post shared on the platform explained that many of the witches were ‘preparing rituals and performing incantations’.

The post read, ‘As you are all aware, Afghanistan is in a very dire situation and many of us are preparing rituals and performing incantations to help alleviate the human suffering that is occurring there.’


It continued, as per VICE:

The Taliban, as horribly as they’ve shown themselves to be, are very spiritually aware and they routinely take steps to dispel, ward off, and weaken magick. They have indications and rituals of their own which can at the very least neutralize us – at worst can cause damage to our spiritual selves [sic].

Members of the group who spoke to VICE wish to remain anonymous as they’ve been subjected to online abuse.

The group initially formed on a subreddit called r/BewitchTheTaliban, but moved over to Discord after trolls flooded it with abuse.

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In light of this, the Discord group has become the only safe haven for witches to speak to one another online openly.

May, a moderator for the server, said, ‘This place has pretty much become the only part of the internet. It seems we can talk safely and privately about this issue and our goals, since it is far more private.’

Despite the trolling they received, it doesn’t seem to have deterred them from wanting to help Afghanistan through spellwork.


One witch told VICE, ‘I haven’t been to Afghanistan, but the time I’ve spent in Egypt and Iraq has shown me the light of the Middle Eastern Star, and now the Taliban seeks to eclipse it.’

‘The idea to use magic to fight the Taliban is as natural to a magician as the idea of fighting them with guns is to a soldier,’ they added.

Witchcraft Pixabay)Pixabay

As per Daily Star, some of the more experienced witches offered advice to new members, posting links to guides on how to cast spells.


There was also a discussion over which ancient god would be best to combat the Taliban, with Freyja, the Norse goddess of love, fertility, battle and death being a popular choice.

Another person issued a warning, however, writing, ‘These people are absolutely magickally protected and it is only going to bounce back and take all your energy.’

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