Only One Per Cent Of People Can Solve This Incredibly Tricky Puzzle

Walt Disney

You can’t just think outside of the box. You have to run so far away from the box that you can’t see it anymore in order to figure this one out.

This illusion, which looks like it’s taken from ancient cave drawings, apparently has 99 per cent of the population stumped.

The puzzle, posted on quiz site Playbuzz, asks people to find four hidden men in the illustration.

No, the main guy is not one of them…


The caption on the challenge reads: ‘Listen up! I need your help! Find my 4 men, winter is coming!’.

It’s a pretty tricky one, and the men don’t necessarily look like full grown men, most of them are just heads.

Try turning it upside down…


Yep, those were fucking punishing.

I can only apologise.


I think it’s like cloud spotting. You can see what you want to see there.