Outrage After Man Brags About Missing The Birth Of First Child For Stanley Cup Final

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 03 Jul 2021 16:32
Outrage After Man Brags About Missing The Birth Of First Child For Stanley Cup Final@peteblackburn/Twitter/PA

A devoted sports fan has received backlash for saying he was missing the birth of his first child for the Stanley Cup Final.

A picture was shared of the unnamed man online, in which he can be seen holding a large sign that read, ‘Missing the birth of my 1st child. Hope it’s worth the price.’


Despite wearing a mask, it seems the hockey fan is quite pleased with himself, though people on Twitter didn’t see the funny side of things.

One person commented on the now-viral tweet, ‘This Dad will likely tell the tale of him missing his child’s birth for a game over and over again throughout this child’s life as if it were a charming funny story. This child will internalize this slight for the rest of his/her life. They won’t think it’s amusing. It will hurt.’

Another person said, ‘Why the hell would he want to broadcast that. Even if we won the game, this is still such a sh*tty thing,’ while someone else branded him a ‘dumbass’.


Another person tweeted, ‘Hope it’s not true. Watching other guys do stuff instead of your kid being born is the type of broishness that gives sports fans a bad name.’

A fourth person joked, ‘Imagine paying thousands for tickets and then having to pay thousands for a divorce lawyer.’


Meanwhile, another suggested, ‘That person 100% just made that up for the attention. No way somebody who actually made that decision would brag about it with a sign.’

Dozens more people commented on the tweet echoing similar sentiments, and argued that missing the birth of your child isn’t worth it for anything.

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Pete Blackburn/Twitter
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