Pamela Anderson Claims Vegans Make The Best Lovers

by : Charlie Cocksedge on : 22 Jan 2019 18:24
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According to Pamela Anderson, too many ‘good men’ are suffering from ‘Empty Head disease’.


The cause of this affliction? ‘Porn and PlayStation’, the Baywatch star believes.

The former Baywatch actor was commiserating the demise of society by taking to Twitter, of course, to talk about the ‘slippery slope’ of modern men, who are not engaged with the world but spend their time watching porn and playing video games.

At the end of the series of tweets – which seem to be in the form of some post-modern poetry (she’s obviously a big fan of enjambment) – Pamela also claims that ‘vegans make the best lovers’, and adds ‘it’s proven’.


Taking to Twitter on Sunday, January 20, Pamela wrote:

Empty Head disease

Porn and PlayStation
We’ve lost many good men to this
No return.

Talk to our children
As young adults we can make our own choices.
it’s a slippery slope

I [pray] kids can be brave
rebel against it all.


She added:

The worst lovers watch porn –
desensitized ..
and more variety
even violent ..

Porn is not what love looks like

and radical men who read
and who are engaged in the world are sexy.

Vegans make the best lovers – it’s proven

Unfortunately, Pamela didn’t provide any proof that ‘vegans make the best lovers’, though I’m sure no vegans would disagree. A quick search on our friend the internet and there are plenty of articles to support the theory.

The most prominent, from PETA, claims ‘more than half of men’ between the ages of 40 and 70 have difficulty in the bedroom due to the cholesterol in meat, eggs, and dairy products affecting blood flow.


While there has been some research to back this up, registered nutritionist Charlotte Stirling-Reed told the Telegraph that, actually, there’s just not been enough research into diet and ‘male sexual prowess’, though diet has an undeniable effect on lifestyle.

As well as her views on vegans in bed, the Baywatch star also wrote about the impact of porn on a person’s sex life. Unlike veganism, there has been rather a lot of research into this.

Gary Wilson, author of Your Brain On Porn, told UNILAD:

It takes decades to fully understand the risks of these normalised phenomena. We are just seeing the front edge of the results of growing up streaming unlimited sexual novelty, and the potential to escalate to increasingly extreme material.

No one fully knows the effects yet. Interestingly, there’s a large and growing international movement of (largely) non-religious young men eliminating porn because of the benefits their peers report.

While Rolling Stone reports ‘hundreds of thousands’ of young men have diagnosed themselves with porn-induced erectile dysfunction (PIED), and are turning to websites like Reboot Nation, Porn Help, and NoFap, to combat it.

Though the presentation of her claims may raise a few eyebrows, Pamela may have a point about the negative impact some things – porn, diet etc – are currently having on a large number of young men.

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