Paramedic Explains Reason Every Parent Should Pin A Note To Their Child’s Car Seat

paramedic's tip for parents pinning a note to their child's car seatPrattsburgh Ambulance/Facebook

A paramedic has taken to social media to urge parents to carry out a simple, but potentially life-saving, precaution for their child.

Not many parents know about the simple safety measure, so the ambulance worker has shared their message in order to spread the word.

Their advice aims to encourage parents to pin a note to their child’s car seat, detailing their date of birth, address, name of parents and their date of birth, among other details, which would save paramedics vital time in an emergency.

Aside from, of course, ensuring your child is secure in their car seat before making any journey, the paramedic wants all parents to go a step further in case of an emergency.

Taking to Facebook, as reported by Practical Parenting, they wrote:

Way too often do emergency crew come upon a car wreck with children who are too young to have any information and parents are unconscious.

To avoid this and help emergency services in the case of such an accident, they suggest sticking a note to your child’s car seat with all their vital information on.

The paramedic explains:

It will take two minutes of your time to write out your child’s name, DOB, parents’ name, DOB, emergency contacts and any medical conditions, any meds your child is on and child’s doctor – then stick it to the child’s car seat.

This helps EMS (Emergency Medical Services) a ton and can also help save your child’s life.

Way too often Emergency Medical Services (EMS) come upon a motor vehicle accident with a child or children in it. It…

Posted by Prattsburgh Ambulance on Sunday, 4 March 2018

Parents are also asked to include the name of the child’s doctor, any allergies the child may have, or medication they might be taking, all of which would be necessary to the paramedics and emergency services if the parents were not able to answer.

Many people praised the simple yet effective tip from the paramedic.

One person suggested, in addition, that parents should also remove the ‘baby on board’ sticker from their car when the child is not in the car as, in an emergency, paramedics could be looking for a child that isn’t actually in the car, the Mirror reports.

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