Parents Say ‘It Is Their Right’ To Give Daughter Blended Surname

by : Lucy Connolly on : 22 Nov 2019 14:24
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For parents with different surnames, choosing one for your child can be a difficult process.

Do you stick with tradition and go with the man’s surname? Do you go double-barrelled so you can incorporate both of your last names? But then if you do, which one goes first – and how do you even begin to make that decision?


Or do you, as one couple in Sydney did recently, blend both of your surnames together to create a brand new, unique last name that only your child will have?

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Enter: little Lyla Casseldon, whose parents Courtney and Laura decided they wanted to give her a combination of both of their surnames, Cassar and Sheldon.

Courtney, 31, and Laura, 29, welcomed daughter Lyla Jill last month, but had already decided they didn’t want to put a hyphen between their family names. Instead, they merged Cassar and Sheldon together to come up with Casseldon – a perfect blend of both of them.


New mum Laura told UNILAD she and Courtney decided to go down the blended surname route because they wanted to give their daughter a mix of both of their histories.

She explained:

We wanted Lyla to have a surname that reflected both of us and both our families, rather than just one or the other.

couple give baby blended namecourtcasssar/laurabelleleigh/Instagram

The 29-year-old explained how she and Courtney made the decision before she even fell pregnant, although she admitted they were ‘lucky’ their surnames made for such a great blend.

She went on to say they didn’t take the decision to give Lyla her unique surname lightly, stating, ‘It is going to be her name for a long time so we didn’t rush it’.

Those close to the family were surprised by how easily they could create such a unique last name for their daughter, having thought they’d have to go through a long-winded process.

However, Laura said their family and friends ‘have been nothing but supportive’ of their decision and love Lyla’s unique blended surname. In contrast, strangers online have criticised the couple’s decision, with some branding it ‘ridiculous’.

parents give baby blended namecourtcasssar/laurabelleleigh/Instagram

One person described it as ‘peak stupid’, while another replied, ‘family trees are going to get much harder in the future’, The Mirror reported.

Laura had the perfect response to those people though, stating:

It’s our right to name our daughter whatever we like and traditions have to start somewhere, so why not start with Lyla?

All names had to be created to begin with and blending surnames has been happening for quite some time. It’s obviously just a new idea to some people.


The proud mum went on to say that she and Courtney will both change their surnames to Casseldon if Lyla decides she wants them all to share the same name when she’s older.

I personally think it’s adorable and that, as parents, they should be allowed to name their baby whatever they want.

Keep doing you, guys.

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