Passenger Left Stranded Roadside By Barefoot Lyft Driver Who Wouldn’t Let Him Close Window

by : Cameron Frew on : 16 Sep 2021 12:37
Passenger Left Stranded Roadside By Barefoot Lyft Driver Who Wouldn't Let Him Close Window@aaron0383/TikTok

A Lyft driver has been suspended after footage emerged of her kicking out a passenger on the side of the highway and shouting expletives. 

Passenger Aaron Swetland first shared the video to TikTok (@aaron0383). After being picked up from Nashville International Airport, Tennessee, it opens with him asking the driver to go the speed limit, to which she turns to shout at him before noticing he’s filming their conversation. She then tries to grab his phone, before swerving to the side of the road.


Swetland initially laughs, but the driver grows angrier as the video continues, screaming, ‘Get out of my car now!’

‘You’re gonna have to open that trunk. I’m not going anywhere ’til you open that trunk,’ he says, asking to get his bag before she leaves him on the side of the road.

She keeps muttering away to herself, before eventually getting out of the car, opening the boot and throwing his suitcase. ‘You little b*tch,’ she tells him, while closing the trunk and passenger door in rage. ‘F*ck you and f*ck your mom too,’ she adds, before driving off.


Speaking to WTVF, Swetland said he’d first asked the driver to put the windows up as they were speeding along the highway and the pressure was hurting his ears. Under Lyft’s COVID-19 guidelines, windows should be kept open to keep air moving out of the vehicle.

While the driver explained this to him, he tried to close the windows himself, only to find they were locked. ‘First tip that something is kind of whack for me was like… wait, you’ve taken control away from me to be able to do that? That seemed kind of odd,’ he said.


‘So then I ask her if she doesn’t mind to just reduce her speed – maybe that would be more pleasant for me if we’re going to have to keep the windows down,’ Swetland explained. However, that’s where it escalated – for a ‘brief moment’, he was even concerned she may have had a weapon.

‘In this particular instance, for me, it was a change in tone, in attitude. She was very aggressive for no reason at all. Just be safe and watch out for yourself; nobody else is doing it so you gotta do it for yourself,’ he added.

He told a local news channel he hopes it will show others to be mindful when booking a ride. ‘This really can happen to anybody and you really kind of have to be cautious of your surroundings and just be aware,’ he said.

In a statement, as per Newsweek, Lyft said, ‘Safety is fundamental to Lyft, and the incident shown in the video is concerning. We have reached out to the rider to offer our support and have suspended the driver’s account pending a complete investigation.’


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