Passengers Applaud As Woman Thrown Off Plane For Refusing To Wear Mask

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Passengers Applaud As Woman Thrown Off Plane For Refusing To Wear Maskjslade88/TikTok

A TikTok video shows the moment an entire plane applauded and cheered as a woman who refused to wear a mask was removed from the flight.

The clip, which was filmed by passenger Jordan Slade, shows the moment the woman was kicked off the American Airlines flight from Ohio to North Carolina on July 19.


The woman defied flight guidelines that state everyone must wear a mask to fly, claiming she couldn’t wear one as a result of a medical condition.

Check it out here:

You can see the woman, who looks angry at the entire situation, grabbing her items and storming off the flight as others onboard the aircraft cheered, and one passenger shouted: ‘Just leave, we have flights to get on!’


‘You can clap all you want,’ she snapped as she turned back before stepping out the door.

According to Jordan, the woman was ‘argumentative from the gate,’ demanding to be boarded first and ‘causing and obvious scene.’

She told MailOnline:

She also refused to wear a mask putting others on the flight at risk. Another passenger even got up to confront her about her behaviour with no mask.


Woman Handcuffed For Refusing To Wear Mask On Plane In Widely Shared Video

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In fact, the woman argued with flight attendants for so long that when she eventually left the aircraft, it had to go back to the airport to refuel.

Jordan added:

A woman in the back got up from her seat and sort of confronted the attendant saying she was going to miss her connection and then directed the conversation back to the woman saying if she misses her flight because of her.


After filming the incident, Jordan uploaded the clip to TikTok where it quickly went viral, with many viewer branding the woman as ‘Karen’ – a nickname given to entitled white women in the US.

American Airlines has a new policy that requires all passengers to wear face coverings, except for children under the age of two, in a bid to prevent the spreading of coronavirus on its flights.

The policy, which came in on July 29, says:


Be sure your face covering is on before you board the plane and wear it during your flight. If you decline to wear one, you may be denied boarding and future travel on American.

Therefore, under this guidance, the airline was well within its rights to ask the woman to leave the plane.

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    'You can clap all you want!' Passengers applaud American Airlines staff for kicking a woman off a flight after she refused to wear a mask