Passengers Injured After Truck Suddenly Swerves Into Oncoming Traffic

Footage shows truck swerving dangerously.ViralHog

A driver has captured the horrifying moment a truck suddenly swerved into oncoming traffic in the opposite lane.

The incident happened on a grey, rainy day in the village of Lau, Que Vo, Bac Ninh, Vietnam, at around 5.45pm on August 12, 2018.

The driver was going to work, windscreen wipers on as they drove through the grim weather. The road ahead was slick with rain and flecked with the reflections of early evening headlights.

Peaceful music can be heard playing inside the vehicle, as raindrops pattered gently on the windscreen. However, within a matter of seconds, the dreary commute turned into a nightmare.

With no prior warning, an enormous truck travelling in the opposite direction swerved into the opposite lane, barrelling straight towards the driver.

Exclamations of surprise and concern can be heard inside the car, with the driver forced to veer off the road and into the roadside so as to avoid a face-on collision.

Check out some more eye opening dashcam footage below, which will make you wonder how some people get their driver’s licence in the first place:

Fortunately, all those travelling in the car escaped with minor injuries, however this could have been far, far worse.

According to the shocked driver, the person responsible for causing the accident reportedly ran from the scene.:

This evening I was going to work through the village of Lau, Que Vo, Bac Ninh. There was a truck running in the opposite direction, went into my lane and caused the accident, then ran away.

Luckily all the people in the car were just slightly injured, but my car was damaged! Hopefully this video will bring the driver to justice.

Find out about other frighteningly close calls on the road below:

Unfortunately, this is not the only incident of a driver endangering lives by swerving onto the wrong side of the road.

According to The Irish Times, a truck driver in Cloontuskert, Co. Roscommon was recently stopped by Garda traffic officers after driving on the wrong side of the road.

The driver – who had not been wearing a seatbelt – was found to be eleven times over the legal alcohol limit, with an opened wine bottle discovered inside his cab.

Garda Traffic later tweeted:

Roscommon RPU arrested driver of articulated vehicle at 3.10pm at Cloontuskert, Co. Roscommon. Driver on incorrect side of road.

Vehicle stopped, driver had bottle of wine open beside him, not wearing seatbelt. Taken to Roscommon GS. 11 times over limit. Court to follow.

People on Twitter have expressed fear and distress at the thought of such irresponsible drivers being out on the roads.

One person tweeted:

That terrifies me. I try to be so careful when driving. I do my best then you’ve people like this!!!

Another said:

Omg that’s just terrifying. He could have wiped out loads people. Lock him up immediately.

The reasons behind the actions of the truck driver in Vietnam have not been reported. The person who filmed the shocking incident now hopes the driver will be brought to justice.

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