Penniless Woman Who Made An Amazing Dress Out Of Skittles On Track To Become Millionaire

by : Tom Percival on : 27 Mar 2016 12:01

A creative mum who dreamed of a dress made from Skittles is enjoying a real rags-to-riches story and is heading towards her first million pounds.

Twelve months ago Sarah Louise Bryan, 27, was working as a beautician and relied on the kindness of friends to keep a roof over her two children’s heads, the Birmingham Mail reports.


Then Sarah created an incredible dress made out of 3,000 skittles and after a photo of it went viral on social media she soon found herself a new job working for the alternative clothing company Ripleys.

The world-wide success of the amazing design has taken Sarah from being penniless to wining and dining with the rich and famous.

It all began when Sarah Louise had an idea one night while she was lay in bed trying to think how she could improve her life and that of her two kids.


Then the Skittles dress came to her in a dream and it changed her life.

Sarah said:

It was like a eureka moment for me – a striking dress made out of Skittles.

I jumped out of bed and googled the internet to see if it had been done before. I thought the dress would look incredible on Lady Gaga.


She began working on the dress spending six hours every night on the sweet dress and all in all it took 180 hours to make, using thousands of the colourful sweets.

It took more than 145 bags of the candy to make and around 90 tubes of glue.

Now Sarah’s loving her new job and has even been given her own range called the Sarah Louise Bryan range where she designs clothes and handbags for celebrities including the Kardashians.


Sounds like lies pretty sweet for Sarah these days…

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Birmingham Mail
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    Skittles dress to make MILLIONAIRE of former homeless mum!