Pensioner’s Simple Act Of Kindness Stuns Passengers On Commuter Bus


A 70-year-old woman stunned a bus full of people when she helped a man reportedly suffering from mental health issues.

The story was posted to Facebook by Ehab Taha who claimed that other commuters had been intimidated by a six-foot-five man’s erratic behaviour.

Ehab believed the man was potentially struggling with drug abuse or enduring a severe mental health episode, swearing and displaying aggression.

Allegedly everyone ignored the man, all except one elderly woman who simply held his hand and offered him some comfort.

I saw the most incredible display of humanity on the sky train. A six foot five man suffering from drug abuse andor…

Posted by Ehab Taha on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The image posted by Ehab has since gone viral with over 23,000 shares.

The woman told Ehab:

I’m a mother and he needed someone to touch.

What an incredible lady.