People Are Furious This Woman Didn’t Win Ugliest Xmas Jumper Contest


This woman made an incredible effort with her Christmas jumper – only to come in second place in a work competition for the worst Christmas jumper – but the people of the internet are outraged that she wasn’t crowned the winner.

Maya Moore went to extreme lengths in her office ‘Ugly Christmas Sweater’ contest, basically turning herself into a human Christmas tree to mark the occasion.

Earlier in the week, Maya shared a photo of her fabulous tree jumper, which took her four hours to make, as well as making the shocking revelation that despite her efforts she came second.

Twitter took off and rewarded her 14,000 retweets and 30k likes, sending it viral to try and compensate for her disappointment, Mashable reports.

She said:

I don’t know how or why this went viral, as you can see I don’t have many followers.

I posted it originally for my sisters and friends to get a kick out of.

The extravagant Christmas jumper creator made a heartbreaking reply that it was her first year in her current job, which is why she wanted to make such a huge effort.

She said:

Most of my coworkers didn’t care too much about the contest and participated to be team players, so I figured I’d win either first, second or third, but I was shooting for first clearly.

Although she missed out on the top prize, she didn’t lose completely, as Twitter users elevated her jumper creating skills to a whole new level by having her back in the face of adversity.

Maya didn’t seem to be too downbeat about her loss though, explaining that despite being cheated out of what should’ve been the winning position, she still had fun.

She said:

I’m not mad at all that I didn’t win first.

I had fun making it and getting a rise out of my coworkers the entire day.

It doesn’t matter Maya, it’s the taking part that counts…