People Are Going Abroad And Getting Their Bums Out For No F*cking Reason


We’ve been graced by a shit ton of god awful trends already in 2017 and it looks like we now have
a new contender.

Cheeky Exploits‘ is an Instagram account which is simply dedicated to ‘making the world happier through butts’ *sigh*.

Essentially it involves first world travellers pulling down their trousers/shorts/whatever the fuck else they’re wearing and posing for a photo. Creative, right?

The page, which has over 86,000 followers, regularly shares snaps of people’s asses from around the world, because why would you want to go and actually experience, say, The Northern Lights, when you can just moon there instead?

The trend, which appears to have started in America, pretty much sums up everything that’s wrong with our generation. Too much privilege and very little respect for other people or cultures.

You’d have thought that after a young British backpacker was jailed for three days in Malaysia after stripping on a sacred mountain, it would have a served as a bit of a warning.

But alas, it hasn’t and the tragic travel trend or the ‘belfie’ looks like it could be around for some time.

What a time to be alive, ay?