People Are Photoshopping Awful Adverts And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

0 Shares recently launched a pretty cringeworthy campaign on the London underground.

You may not have seen them if you don’t live in the capital, but they feature supposed profiles admitting apparent character faults, which you’re supposed to find adorable. Therefore proving that romance isn’t dead (but it is) and marketing companies can keep milking this idea.

But it seem this has massively backfired. This is Mark. Mark never has his travelcard ready and now it seems a lot of people think he’s a bit of a prick.

A spokesperson posing as Mark, tried to defend this travel dick-move. He said:

I admit it. I never have my travelcard ready on the tube. That is my confession. I estimate that it takes me no more than 20 seconds to find my card.

But Mark was misunderstood and was bombarded with full on hate…

But now people are taking the hashtag and just running it, because, why not? It’s pretty hilarious…

Thanks internet, you’ve done it again.