Are You Quick Enough To Spot The Mistake In This Puzzle?

puzzle web thumb

Yet another new puzzle is doing the rounds on the internet and of course it’s driving people crazy.

The guys at Playbuzz decided to give us a real brain-teaser and see if we could spot the mistake in this sentence and colourful list of numbers below.

On paper it looks like it could be pretty easy, but as its creators warn, ‘it’s harder than it looks’.

Oh, and to make it a bit more challenging they want us to find it in less than five seconds. So, not an easy task then.


When we read these text and numbers at a quick pace (like you naturally would), apparently it can result in us skipping bits out- which is where many people have fallen down on in this particular puzzle (including us).

Because the numbers are so colourful, they attract the eye and automatically make it a lot harder for ourselves to check for that crucial mistake.

Just in case you couldn’t spot it, the error was actually hidden in the text that let’s you know that there is a mistake to spot. The cheeky bastards.

If you were one of the few that managed to spot it, you would have noticed that the word ‘the’ is written twice. How did we miss that!?


Oh well, at least this makes a nice change from those annoying as shit Where’s Wally-style quizzes.