People Are Sharing Their Self-Service Check-Out ‘Suspicious List’ Shame Stories

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People Are Sharing Their Self-Service Checkout 'Suspicious List' Shame StoriesAlamy

Be careful when you use self-service checkouts at the supermarket; they’re making a list, and checking it twice, gonna find out who’s naughty and nice. 

You wouldn’t scan all your shopping but hightail it with a packet of chewing gum. You wouldn’t steal a box of beer. You wouldn’t scan a PlayStation 5 as a tomato.


Self-service checkouts are, for the most part, extremely convenient and stress-free. Sometimes though, whether it’s the robot voice shouting ‘unexpected item in bagging area’ or the limited room on the scale, mistakes happen, things fall by the wayside. The question is: are you on a ‘suspicious list’?

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On the r/britishproblems subreddit, @No_you_choose_a_name kickstarted a discussion about people’s self-service nightmares.

‘I’m now on the ‘suspicious’ list in Tesco and I’m not allowed to scan my own food shopping anymore because once I forgot to scan a packet of £0.75 worth of biscuits,’ they wrote.


The post has racked up hundreds of comments, with others sharing similar shopping tales of woe. ‘I once had a random check, and the guy checked one of my items twice. Now I’m on the naughty list with a FULL check of £120 of shopping every time I go,’ another wrote.


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‘I had the same thing happen a couple of weeks ago. £100 trolley, but forgot to scan a 95p bottle of water. I got reprimanded by the member of staff and told I’d be listed, so to expect to get ‘checked’ for the next few weeks. Thankfully a friend works there and quickly de-escalated,’ a third wrote.

‘They have a suspicious list? I thought you were allowed to steal at least a few things from self checkout as long as you paid for most of the items,’ a fourth incorrectly wrote.


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  1. @No_you_choose_a_name/Reddit

    I'm now on the "suspicious" list in Tesco and I'm not allowed to scan my own food shopping anymore because once I forgot to scan a packet of £0.75 worth of biscuits.