People Are Sharing Videos Of Kids As Animojis For A Quick Laugh

by : Emily Brown on : 05 Oct 2019 16:12
People sharing videos of kids as animojisPeople sharing videos of kids as animojisApple

Young kids can come out with some pretty funny and adorable stuff and when combined with the faces of cartoon animals, well, you’ve got yourself some very wholesome content. 

Apple’s popular Animoji feature allows users to transform themselves into emoji-like characters through their phones, allowing them to embody aliens, dogs, pigs and even dinosaurs.


The fun program no doubt lets a lot of youngsters live out their dream to be certain characters and some adult Apple users are so delighted with the results that they’ve decided to share the Animojis videos with the world.

Check out some of the adorable videos:

The trend began after Twitter user Sophia Tripodi blessed our timelines with an adorable video of her niece as an octopus last week.


Watch the lovely little sea creature here:

The young girl seemed a bit unsure about the whole experience at first as someone could heard encouraging her to speak, but as soon as she saw the octopus’ mouth moving along with her own she seemed to gain confidence, saying ‘hi, I’m octopus’.

The cute scene looked like something straight out of a Pixar film; it’s all too easy to picture the two-year-old’s creation as a shy character in Finding Nemo. 

Kids as animojis being shared for a quick laughKids as animojis being shared for a quick laughSophia Tripodi/Twitter

Twitter users were overjoyed to see the little sea creature come to life and the video has since been shared over 347,000 times. In response to Sophia’s post, dozens of people decided to take advantage of the children in their own lives to see what kind of cute videos they could come up with.

We have an alien who threatens to ‘destroy everything in the whole wide world’ before launching into a very menacing laugh:


Up next is a ghost singing us their ABCs, and while the poster claimed it was their four-year-old sister it wouldn’t take much to convince me it was actually the result of someone who’d been having some fun with a spliff.

Check it out here:

Then of course we have someone who really has had some fun with a spliff:


Potentially the most adorable of the Animojis, however, comes from a child who had a message for their mother. They took on the face of a little pup, and said ‘I love you mummy, woof woof’.

Watch it below – and be prepared to have your heart swell with joy:

Though very simple, the funny videos are certainly a good way to waste time, whether you’re watching them or creating one of your own.

Be careful though, it would definitely be all too easy to get lost in an Animoji spiral and accidentally lose hours of your day laughing at the funny creations.

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Sophia Tripodi/Twitter
  1. Sophia Tripodi/Twitter