People Are Using Lipstick Kiss Signs To Fight Cyber-Bullying


A campaign to help fight cyber-bullying on Instagram has gone viral.

Tarte Cosmetics have teamed up with Bystander Revolution to create the #KissandMakeup campaign.

The idea is to spread love and positivity online instead of hate and needless insults, and people are promoting it by taking selfies featuring a lipstick kiss on the back of their hands.

Hi love I feel so blessed to be part of this cause with @tartecosmetics & @bystanderrevolution to help stop cyber-bullying . We all unique and also part of something bigger that ourselves ( called God, Universe or humanity) and are connected , spread a positive vibe with everyone around you … that will change your life and our entire world . Amores me siento muy agradecida de ser parte de esta causa con @tartecosmetics y @bystanderrevolution para ayudar a detener el Bullying cibernetico del que somos victimas todos en las redes sociales alguna vez ….. solo por ser diferentes , por tener una opinion o simplemente porque deseamos compartir una parte de nosotros con el mundo. Todos somos unicos y tambien parte de algo mas grande (que podemos llamar Dios, universo o humaindad) …. estamos conectados entre si queramos o no aceptemoslo y difundamos mensajes positivos a los que nos rodean … realmente cambiara tu vida y la de el mundo entero. #auroramakeup #kissandmakeup

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Konbini have cited a YouGov poll to emphasise how big an issue cyber-bullying has become.

According to the poll of 4,700 teens aged between aged 13 to 18, one in five has suffered online abuse.

That reportedly makes cyber-bullying a bigger concern than drug use for the polled generation.

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If you want to get involved all you have to do is take a selfie with a lipstick stain on the back of your hand and include #KissandMakeup.