People Born In September Are The Most Successful, Study Finds


September babies were usually the enviably tall ones at school, and it seems the jammy sods luck out in many other ways too.

According to new research from the University of Toronto, the University of Florida and Northwestern University, these early autumn babes are just much more likely to succeed in life in general.


The research team examined over a million school kids born in Florida between 1994 and 2000. The difference between September babies and August babies was astonishing.

The study, entitled School Starting Age and Cognitive Development, explains how their older age upon starting school gives September students a notable advantage:

Being an older age at school entry increases children’s college attainment and reduces the likelihood of being incarcerated for juvenile crime.

These kids will also have a much stronger sense of confidence than their marginally younger peers, which is always a useful tool to have to keep you boosted through the more difficult times in life.


Little, less developed August babies however tend to be much less mature on their first day of school than sophisticated September students.

Because of this they could well receive less positive reinforcement for their academic achievements, and may have their confidence knocked as a result. This makes me sad.

This goes way beyond learning their ABCs, and could even affect their chances of going to university.

Sweet summer children, don’t lose faith. Rise up and show these September show-offs who’s boss!