People Call For Child-Free Zones On Planes

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We’ve all been sat on the plane before it takes off, absolutely dreading the person who’s sat behind you to arrive at their seat.


The potential in this situation is fraught with danger, could it be someone who takes their shoes off? Could it be someone who kicks the back of your chair? Or worse, could it be someone with a child?

Well, people are calling for at least the latter of those options to become a distant memory, with the introduction of child-free zones on flights, according to Metro.

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There is a growing movement around this idea, including a recent survey by Airfarewatchdog which found that a little over a half of airline passengers would pay an extra premium for the option of child-free zones on flights.


It has been suggested that the plane would be segregated between an area with parents and children at one end, and an area for those without kids at the other.

There are a handful of airlines which have announced these ‘kid-free zones’, such as Asian budget carrier AirAsia, but mainstream international airlines are yet to adopt the change.

There is definite support for the decision on social media, and many have even said they’d be willing to pay an extra premium for the comfort of not having youngsters as fellow passengers.

So then why have airlines not taken the plunge and adopted the change? Well, according to Tracy Stewart, content editor at Airfarewatchdog, it’s because of potential outrage.


It’s probably hard for parents to be super objective for this stuff. Whenever this comes up, people get so upset about it.

It would be great if [a mainstream] carrier would give it a shot, but I would be surprised if anyone takes it on.

If you’re a parent and you live with that kind of [difficult] behaviour, you’re probably pretty resigned to kicking and screaming.

If some stranger calls out your kid for misbehaving on a plane, those situations escalate so quickly.

A three-year-old tearaway terrorised other passengers with incessant screaming as he ran up and down the Airbus, much to the horror (and most likely annoyance) of the other passengers.

The incident occurred last year, August 26, aboard a Lufthansa flight and was recorded by New York City artist Shane Townley who captured the boy’s antics on his phone throughout the long haul flight.

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The mother can be seen in the video asking if the stewards could turn on the WiFi so he could go on his iPad as it might calm her son down, but calming down wasn’t on the three-year-old’s agenda.

Looking at videos like this, it’s kind of hard to argue with a policy for child-free zones on planes.

But really, is the whole idea not a bit excessive? Any changes should not punish parents for having children.

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