People Can’t Get Over Wholesome Man’s Incredible Balance Skills

by : Cameron Frew on : 18 Sep 2021 14:31
People Can't Get Over Wholesome Man's Incredible Balance Skills@notGhxst/Reddit

As people took care with every step across a log path, one man triumphantly, and wholesomely, strutted his way to the other side.

As someone who trips any time he tries to walk along a kerb, I can’t say I’m not impressed by this man’s ability to walk across a precarious path while smiling like it’s nothing.


The short clip was shared to Reddit by @notGhxst, showing an unnamed gentleman conquering a log path with absolute ease, grinning the whole time. ‘Balance level over 9000,’ they rightly wrote.

The log path was no problem for this man. (@notGhxst/Reddit)@notGhxst/Reddit

Everything about it is joyous: the others watching on, befuddled at how he’s going so quickly; the fact he’s doing it in sliders; his raised elbows and giddy steps; and even a few claps from people when he reaches the end.

‘I love the expression on his face,’ one user commented, to which another replied, ‘He just found out he has a very specific superpower. I’d be cheesing too.’


‘He looks so happy. I’m so happy for him. You be happy, log-walking man,’ another wrote. ‘He does that every f*cking morning. Just to watch tourists’ faces when they see him rolling by,’ a third joked. ‘The left arm is his groove arm and his right arm is the counter-balance,’ a fourth commented.

‘He makes it look so easy while also being so adorable. I can’t handle this man,’ a fifth wrote. ‘This is the way… light step, no unnecessary movements and a smile on his face… like a f*cking boss,’ a sixth also commented.

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  1. @notGhxst/Reddit

    Balance level over 9000