People Left Baffled By Mesmerising Video Of Fire Burning Through Park

by : Niamh Shackleton on : 09 May 2020 17:13
Fire Club De Montaña Calahorra/Facebook

People are being left completely baffled after a video surfaced online of a fire burning through a park.

In the mesmerising clip, you see the fire gently sweep through the park almost like a wave while surpassing several benches and trees without setting them alight.


It’s thought the fire took place in a park in Calahorra, Spain, and was set on purpose with the intention of it burning through poplar on the ground.

You can see the surreal moment for yourself here:


The video was shared by Calahorra Mountain Club on its Facebook page on Wednesday, May 6, and has so far generated over 24,000 views.


Reddit user TheRosaryIsles later shared the video on the site sparking a debate on what was happening in the video.

One person explained what they thought was burning on the ground.

They wrote:

This “fluff” is actually poplar seeds that are produced by the female trees of the species, but it’s not the fluff or the seeds that are making you sneeze. Most allergists agree that the real culprits are native grasses and other plants that are flowering just as the poplars are seeding.

Poplar trees do create pollen, but it is produced by the male tree in early spring, long before fluff season. Cutting down the female trees won’t cure your pollen allergy.

fire Club De Montaña Calahorra/Facebook

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Redditors also questioned how the fire was so controlled and didn’t appear to affect anything else in the park.

Someone else responded to this question writing:

They probably just started at one corner of the park (assuming it’s a park) and just used a blow torch or something to start it, and then just kept pace to make sure nothing else caught.

Fire is indeed unpredictable, but when something burns as quickly and cleanly as this stuff (note how little smoke there is, partially due to the light nature of the fluff, but also just how quickly it burns) there’s very little chance for anything more then a leaf to catch fire.

If anything were to catch fire of off this stuff, it would have had to have been soaked in something extremely flammable, or had a chain reaction from sightly less flammable materials, like paper into wood shavings into kindling into logs kind of reaction.

Poplar treePA Images

They added that maybe the fire was started to clear the fluff quickly and easily to make the park look good again.

Another person commented that this isn’t an uncommon technique for land managers to use to keep their areas clean and tidy.

While we may not know why the fire started; one thing we do know is how mesmerising it looks.


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