People Most Excited For New Year’s Eve End Up The Most Disappointed


For some New Year’s Eve is the best night of the year, while for others it’s worse than the worst, if you’re the former rather than the latter we’ve got bad news, it’s not going to turn out well.

Okay, okay, I promised I wouldn’t be so much of a buzzkill for the new year, but there’s about four hours until the clock chimes midnight and I’m still sat at my laptop, so if you hear a party blower going off it’s not going to be coming from my direction.

Which is great, because a behavioural psychologist has news that party poopers worldwide will rejoice at – if you’re overplanning, preparing and anticipating excitement on New Year’s Eve, you’re probably going to be disappointed.

Jaimie Bloch, a clinical director at MindMovers Psychology in Syndney, told FEMAIL the reasons why many don’t enjoy New Year’s Eve, why our subconsciouses can play tricks with us and how best to approach the big party night.

The idea of a fresh start is one that most will feel the pressure from, and New Year’s can cause a sense of anxiety. Promises to make changes in your life whether it’s a new job or workout, diet or new financial plans can put a heavy burden on your shoulders at the end of the year.

Jaimie said:

The symbolism of NYE may increase levels of worry and anxiety for some, due to the pressure and anticipation of potential behaviour change related goals.

Not only are there high expectations around the night of NYE, but there also exists the added expectation of being happy, fun and connected to others.


It warms my heart to think that people have expectations to be fun and connected with others, but that’s coming from a 365 days of the year grinch, though, you know, I don’t really mean it.

As someone who either over prepares or under prepares everything, I’m glad this year I’ll be getting the pub to do my dirty work of serving me drinks and tidying up my glasses afterwards. Too much preparation can be counterproductive to a good time.

Jaimie added:

A big reason why there is a large number of people who no longer enjoy celebrating NYE is the let-down many feel after the night, as well as feelings of worry prior.

Research into why there is such a big phenomenon of disappointment linked to NYE found that people who had spent a lot of time planning and preparing, and anticipated enjoying the celebrations, were the most likely to feel the most disappointed.

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So there you go, proof if ever you needed it. Wing it, and you’ll be alright.

And if not, providing we don’t have a nuclear war or the singularity happening any time in the next 12 months, there’s always next year’s to try again.