People Reveal Most Ridiculous Names They’ve Ever Heard And They’re F*cking Hysterical

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Until the early 2000s, names were simply something you gave your children and that was that. Bish bash bosh, no more thought needed.

But in recent years, I think it’s fair to say names have become somewhat of a contentious subject – primarily because celebrities and new parents alike seem to be in some sort of competition with each other to see who can give their children the weirdest name.

I mean, c’mon: North West, Apple, Fifi Trixibelle, Bear… need I go on? Every year, the list of ridiculous names just seems to get even more, well, ridiculous and there seems to be no stopping.

Even more so because now, ‘regular’, non-celebrity couples seem to be hopping onto the trend by calling their babies unusual, unique names.

But instead of dwelling on this ridiculousness, one Twitter user decided to make the most of it and started a thread asking what was the most ridiculous name people had come across in real life. And the results were incredible.

Starting on a high, the Twitter user, known only as Fred Delicious, wrote:

I once met a kid who swore blind his friend’s dad was called Malcolm Powder

If you think the fun stops there, you’re wrong. The tweet currently has more than 11K replies since it was posted two days ago (March 4), and the numbers only keep growing.

One person reminisced about a set of twins he met called Timothy and – wait for it – Dimothy. Poor Dimothy, he really ended up drawing the short straw there.

And another recalled being served by a guy in a phone shop who gave him his card, which he was about to throw away before he noticed the name: Vanderson Anderson. The card currently resides on the recipient’s wall, where it has been hung ever since.

Then there was the customer at a petrol station who was less than impressed when the cashier took one look at his ID and laughed in his face.

FYI, his name was Ronald McDonald.


Not forgetting this unfortunate church-goer:

Or this poor man, who (nearly) shared a name with the most hated vegetable ever:

And to end on a high, my all time favourite:

Ah, poor unfortunate strangers. But hey, at least it’s an ice breaker if ever they need one, and at least they’ll never struggle for options when they’re asked three interesting facts about themselves.

You never know, maybe Meghan and Harry will even name the new baby after them?

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