People Reveal The Most F*cked Up Things They’ve Done To Their Sims


It’s fair to say the Sims brings out the deepest, darkest weirdness in all of us.

Spending mindless hours on your PC, living out twisted fantasies that could probably only be deemed acceptable on a video game.

That reminds me, pretty sure an old friend of mine designed a Sim that looked suspiciously like my girlfriend at the time – totally not weird at all.

But compared to some of the answers on this latest AskReddit thread, titled ‘What’s the most depraved thing you’ve ever done in the Sims?’, this was nothing.

Here’s just a few of the best (or worst):


Things can get very racist/historically accurate, apparently:


And can even be updated for the modern day, too:


And some second lives were so elaborate that you wonder how people generally find the time to do this sort of shit:

Others got very backwards, very quickly:

And some were just psychologically dark:


Some even took inspiration from big blockbusters:

Comment from discussion .

And others were just fucked up beyond belief:

Comment from discussion .

If you’re a sick fuck, you can see the video here.

However, some just couldn’t escape their real lives- which is a bit sad:

Jesus, if I’d put half this effort into my life than these guys did for their Sims, I’d be a millionaire by now, or a serial killer- probably.